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This project is helping media desk agency to manage its worldwide operations. it handles all of the tasks of media agency starting from managing there providers to clients and there current projects.

This project involves lot of complex operations and newer technologies that has been recently evolved. it has essence of google map to help media desk agency employers to find providers all around the world. it also has lots of small systems like calendar and email alerts and user role and user permissions. this project involves technologies like google map, yahoo weather, SE money exchange system and many other Powerful Api. to know more about it contact us.

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SOLO( Gold And Diamond Management System)

Solo is gold and diamond managemnet system where the whole gold management starting from factory to end selling to customers is managed within solo system. it's unique product of sphererays team which helps gold businesses leverage the power of IT into there businesses.

Solo web application gives business owners power to manage there company from anywhere in the world. they can manage there day to day process of checking the smallest level of detail that happen in there factory or store. it also includes accounting so business managers can know all the financial reports that are needed to know the status of there company. all and all it's one of the best product to manage the whole process of gold and diamonds business. Solo involves lot of complex technologies like php frameworks and javascript frameworks that completes the project. to know more about it contact us.

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Swankey Music Search application is basically application where users can search diffrent type of musics but with lots of choices. if you are searching for specific type of music then this type of search helps you find those difficult songs that is not so common.

In this application Challenge was to manage no of inputs which were around 12 to 14 diffrent type of inputs and give them into single interface so user can easily input it and search it. and once he ables to search his music he should be able to play that right into browser without delay. technologies involved in this project were php,jquery,flash. to know more about it contact us.

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Sunflower Schools

Sunflower Schools is one stop platform for school management. It is ultimate in school management systems. system includes everything which is needed to run schools like staff management, student management,class management, boarding management, dianing management,automate time table generation, exam management, home work management, yearly planning, weekly planning, daily log book, visitor management, accounting, fees management. project itself gives power to school management to know everything about schools from anywhere in the world. Using reports of web application management can take important decision related to school using this web application.

In this project complexity was to first manage the all kind of modules or analysis of the whole project. it includes every aspect of school management. Other challenge was to implement this project successfully in more then 4 diffrent campuses of sunflower group. technologies involved are php,ajax,jquery,various librarys like pdf,chart to generate helpful reports.to know more about it contact us.

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DMS(Debt Management System)

DMS is the system which manages client and creditors of debt management company. it helps client managing his business related activities like creditor management or client management. using the system client can handle all the information related to his business.

System helps client automate many day to day tasks of the client. The client can send email and faxes or manage all the business related documents of the perticular case. he can send sms reminders or alerts related to his current case or he can fax documents at ease. to know more about it contact us.

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Kiran (Vehicle SMS Alert system)

Kiran is web application which helps client manage all his gps devices enabled vehicles. this system sends alert whenever vehicle overspeeds or changes route which is not given by admin. it also helps you to know currently where is the vehicle using google map.

Technologies involved in this system are google maps, php and complex level of sms gateways to manage the sms system.to know more about it contact us.



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